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Can wearing a hat cause receding hairline?

Hats and receding hairline

Can wearing hats cause receding hairline? Does the myth hold any truth? Well, there are practical views that suggest that hats are useful to protect hair from the harsh climatic condition. But there exists contradictions too and thus the myth carries over to generations. Here, we have made an attempt to siftle out the truth from the age long myth. Read on to discover how far a myth it is:

1. Triggers of hair loss

Hair loss is a common problem faced by a majority. Consequently, lots of treatments, medications and products are available that claim to arrest hair loss. But, it is practically impossible to solve the problem of hair loss unless and until the cause of hair loss is detected. Here are some possible causes of hair loss.

a. Stress

It has been found out that the people suffering from extreme stress or passing through phases of tension, anxiety and trauma tend to loose more hair. But this hair loss is for a temporary period of two to three months and gets resolved gradually when the stressful period gets over. During this mental state, hair follicles pass through telogen phase that hampers normal hair growth and leads to shedding of the existing hair.

b. Drug side effects

There are certain drugs that cause hair loss as possible side effects. Some of the most commonly consumed drugs that lead to hair fall are anti-acne medicines like isotretinoin, drugs that reduce lipid such as clofibrate, bezafibrate, etc., calcium antagonists and ACE inhibitors for reducing blood pressure, blood thinning drugs like warfarin, anti-malarial drugs, anti-cancer drugs, medicines for epilepsy, thyroid lowering medicines, etc.

c. Skin ailments

Skin ailments have a direct connection with hair loss. The most popular disease among them is psoriasis.

d. Testosterone hormone

This is a male hormone that is indirectly connected with hair loss. Testosterone gets transformed to dihydrotestosterone by the skin of the hair scalp. This inhibits the normal growth of hair, specially at the front of the head.

e. Hereditary factor

Studies show that people who have a family history of thinning and receding hairline or baldness generally have the tendency to suffer from hair loss.

f. Aging process

Hair loss has a connection with age. An old man or a woman has more chances of having thin hair as compared to a youth.

g. Menopause

This obvious phase in the life of a woman leads to hair loss in more than 50% of women.

h. Anemia

Lack of iron in blood or anemia leads to excessive hair loss. This is commonly observed in women.

i. Motherhood

Pregnancy and childbirth are associated with hair loss due to change in hormone level in blood. But this is only for a temporary phase and hair grows back again.

j. Overuse of styling products

Excessive use of chemical-based styling products and chemical treatments like perming, straightening often lead to hair loss due to damage in the hair follicles.

2. Separating the truth from the myth

Though wearing hats is not a major reason for hair loss. Nevertheless, the contradictory views arise from these logical reasons. Here are a few to consider, before you wear that hat!

a. Pulling of hair

Removing and wearing of hats frequently often lead to pulling of hair, specially in the forehead region. As a consequence, the strands that already have weak follicles and are about to shed off with time, come off prematurely, leading to receding hairline gradually.

b. Obstruction in air circulation and weakening of hair roots

Tight hats and caps indirectly lead to hair loss. These hats that set extremely tightly against the scalp prevent the proper circulation of air in the scalp. If the habit of wearing tight hats continues for a longer time then the hair follicles may even die and shed off. Those who sweat too much while wearing hats tend to have weakened hair roots due to constant dampness. Thus, such hair stands come off readily with slight pulling.

c. Brittle hair and split ends

Continuous wearing of hats can lead to split ends and breakage. While split ends inhibit further growth of hair, breakage leads to hair thinning at specific regions. Hence, hair becomes thinner with time.

3. Myth or fact

Wearing hats definitely has a scientific relationship with receding hairline. Although this is not the only cause and wearing hat for some times does not cause hair fall, but people who wear hats on a continuous basis often complain of hair loss. However, few simple precautions such as, avoidance of tight hats can actually solve the issue.

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    I have worn a hat for my job for four years now and have definitely seen a receding hairline, I’m only 20! Any chance of reversing it???

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