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Worst Hairstyles Adorned by 5 celebrities

Be careful, celebrities!

Celebrities are bound to be at their best all the time. Paparazzi’s and Press reporters are always on the lookout for some radical ‘changes’ in the person’s personal or professional life. One thing that the reporters have patiently found out is this year’s top five worst celebrity hairstyles.


Bad hair day? Follow the rules

Having a bad hair day can be difficult for a celebrity. Bollywood’s Kangana Ranaut has had a series of bad hairstyles over the years and thus went down in the Hottest Celebrity list. Celebrity hair stylist Bridget Jones says that a number of hairstyles can be tried out without any doubt, but the proportion of the face and figure should be kept in mind. Any kind of hairstyle won’t suit a person.

Styling of the hair is also an essential task to do before facing the camera. Absolute care must be taken while trying something new. The length and volume of the hair must also be taken into account. Celebrities must go for a routine check from time to time in order to avoid embarrassment in front of the world.


5 worst celebrity hairstyles of 2012

We have a list of worst celebrity hairstyles which was a big no-no with the public.

Scarlett Johansson’s horrendous hairstyle proved to be a disaster in the fashion world. In the premiere of one her movies, she stepped onto the red carpet wearing a beautiful gown, but the short trimmed cut look did not match with the outfit at all. We expect a bit more of an outstanding fashion statement from you, Scarlett!


Ke$ha’s metallic stud in her hair actually proved to be rather a unique and terrible hairdo among the Hollywood celebrities. Her wild fashion statements are very well known, but this hairstyle of hers did not at all go well with her ‘bedazzled’ look!


Kelly Osbourne’s bowl cut style completely destroyed her sweet face and she hardly managed to stay on the most highly fashioned people’s list. This former rebel should have wondered what people would comment about her looks before getting this haircut done!


Rihanna’s completely ravaged hairstyle seemed completely offbeat with her natural beauty. Her extremely short razor red hair was so not in the hot list!


Christina Aguilera’s fuzzy hair along with the hairband was such a hairstyle which was hard to ignore. Her hair looked oversized, and the way she handled it carelessly was all the more reason to scratch it out from the list!



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